At Coast Spas Lifestyles we are dedicated to help our customers build the ultimate games room. We offer a vast selection of billiard tables, games tables, darts and accessories for the whole family to enjoy.

aspen, aspen pool table, pool table, games room


The Aspen is regarded by many to be the industry gold standard for modern table designs, sporting a sleek & contemporary, yet comfortably classic look. The rounded edges and smooth exterior will serve as a perfect complement to virtually any room and any style– making it a very versatile, yet luxurious piece.

catalina, catalina pool table, pool table, games room


Finished in a beautiful Chardonnay stain, the Catalina’s leather pockets are complimented with a scroll design and accented with decorative loops and tassels. Its exquisitely carved legs make it one of the Plateau Collection’s most beautiful designs – but don’t let it fool you. This table is as high performance as they come. Based on incredibly responsive 1.25” tournament-grade slate, this table is built for even the most seasoned player. 4-bolt rapid rail systems keep play quiet and our ICON cushioned 6” rails not only help with shooting hand stability, but also provide some of the best cushion material in the industry today.

kayenta, kayenta pool table, pool table, games room


Bold, beautiful, bright designs and colours meet form, function, durability and performance with the Kayenta table. 1” industry-standard slate and rapid rail technology means that this table plays as well as it looks. All at an affordable price!

newport, newport pool table, pool table, games room


Elegant, yet durable, the Newport can complement any busy family game room. K-66 cushions, 1” slate and 6-inchrails give you outstanding performance for your dollar. Beautifully designed with Rams Horn legs and beautiful leather pockets, the table can be used in a variety of ways – even as the centerpiece to your recreational space.

prescott, prescott pool table, pool table, games room


The Prescott is one of the cleanest looking designs. Its custom leather pockets and carved legs are just a compliment to the table’s incredible playing surface, which includes a six-inch rail for improved shooting hand stability and 1.25” tournament-grade slate. The best of both worlds, the Prescott gives you a combination of performance and elegance at an unbeatable price.

san carlos, san carlos pool table, pool table, games room

San Carlos

Designed to take the day-to-day pounding of an active family game room, the San Carlos features rapid rails, 1” industry-standard slate and comes in 4/4 American hardwood, 1.5” durable melamine, or American Hardwood veneer. With 5” rails, you’ll get unmatched durability and great performance at an unbeatable price.

scottsdale, scottsdale pool table, pool table, games room


Rooted in the style of tables from the old west and meticulously crafted, the Scottsdale is a powerful piece that features a stylish double-arched cabinet, carved blinds and 6” rails designed to improve shooting hand stability. Available in a variety of American Hardwoods, this handsome piece is the perfect complement to any upscale or traditional recreation space.

tiburon, tiburon pool table, pool table, games room


The Tiburon is meant to provide the player with a piece that can take a lot of wear and tear but also offer a great playing experience and a hint of elegance. With 5-inch hardwood rails and 1-inch slate, this family favourite is hard to beat!

ventana, ventana pool table, pool table, games room


With large, bold legs the Ventana is the kind of piece that will make your game room pop. Available in a variety of woods, the Ventana boasts the very best of the ‘form meets function’ . Not only does the table feature tournament-grade 1.25” highly responsive slate, but also has an optional drawer to store your equipment. The Ventana gives the player a space that allows for premium play and maximum functionality

Pool Balls

We offer a wide variety of billiard accessories. Come in store to see more!

pool balls, aramith, aramith balls, aramith pool table balls, billiard balls, games room

Aramith Ball Sets

For several decades Belgian Aramith Billiard balls have enjoyed a legendary reputation for outstanding endurance and uncompromising quality. Made by Saluc in Belguim, Aramith excellence is the result of a high-tech process that combines the unmatched characteristics of phenolic resin with fine Belgian craftsmanship. Aramith's consistantly reliable performance guarantees players the pleasure of razor-sharp precision. Their exceptionally long product life offers the table owner the best value for the buck year after year!

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snooker, snooker balls, snooker pool balls, pool balls, aramith, aramith balls, aramith pool table balls, billiard balls, games room

Aramith Snooker Balls

The Aramith Snooker Ball Set is the perfect choice for snooker players looking for durable, high quality balls. Made with high grade phenolic resin materials, you are sure to love the accurate roll and durability of these balls. The set comes complete with the 15 red balls, 7 colored balls and 1 cue ball.

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pool balls, vigma, vigma balls, vigma pool table balls, pool table balls, billiard balls, games room


The Vigma Pool Ball Set - Premier Professional Pool Balls are perfect for your next game. These Premier Professional Pool Balls from Vigma meets BCA standards and measure at a 2-1/4" Ball Diameter. To create new innovative colors and designs, these pool balls are carefully processed with HTD Imprinting Technology ensuring a sharp design that wont crack, peel, or fade away. These Vigma Professional Pool Balls are for the players who want to win.

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pool balls, carom, carom balls, pool table balls, billiard balls, games room

Carom Ball Set

Carom ball is a game played on pocketless tables. In its simplest form, the object of the game is to score points or "counts" by caroming one's own cue ball off both the opponent's cue ball and the object ball(s) on a single shot.

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pool balls, disney balls, aramith balls. aramith disney balls, disney aramith balls, disney pool table balls, billiard balls, games room

Aramith Disney Ball Set

The Aramith Walt Disney Collection is a series worked out in close collaboration with the Walt Disney studios and features four favorite characters: Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy.

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pool balls, cancer pool balls, cancer pool table balls, billiard balls, games room

Breast Cancer Awareness Ball Set

This two ball set includes a pink 8 ball and a white cue ball featuring a pink ribbon, the recognized symbol for breast cancer awareness. To help support the cause, the manufacturer donates a portion of the proceeds for each ball set sold to the Cancer Society.

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Pool Cues

pool cue, cue, lucky cue, lucky pool cue, games room


Lucky McDermott cues offer a mix of premium maple cues and intricate graphic overlays. These features give you an exceptional value for one of the most solid hitting globally manufactured cues in the industry.

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pool cue, cue, star cue, star pool cue, games room


Star Cues feature premium maple and exotic woods mixed with intricate 4-color overlays. Manufactured globally using McDermott's technology, Star cues provide the highest quality pool cue in the under $200 price range.

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pool cue, cue, action cue, action pool cue, games room


The Action line boasts a cue for every level - beginners, league and skilled players. The number one highlight to these cues is their great value. Quality craftsmanship and affordable pricing come together for a solid hit.

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pool cue, cue, scorpion cue, scorpion pool cue, games room


Developed especially for Johnny Archer, the new Scorpion cue line is engineered to meet the enormous demands of high-level, professional billiards. The cues are so finely tuned that Johnny himself plays with one that is straight "off the rack."

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All Rage cues are made from high-grade 100% Hard Rock Maple and are great for beginners or experienced players.

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pool cue, cue, powerglide, powerglide cue, powerglide pool cue, snooker cue, powerglide snooker cue, games room

Powerglide Snooker Cues

Powerglide cues feature the latest manufacturing technology and quality materials to deliver a balance of strength and power at an affordable price in an array of exciting designs and styles.

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Pool Cue Cases

pool cue case, cue case, action case, action cue case

Action Cue

Action Pool Cue Cases offer a variety of coloured cases at attractive prices to protect your Pool Cue investment.

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hard pool cue case, pool cue case, cue case, hard cue case

Soft and Hard Pool Cue Cases

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Accessory Kits

accessory kit, pool accessory kit, pool table accessory kit

Deluxe Cuetec Accessory Kit

Kit Contains: (x4) 2 piece maple cues, (x1) 2 piece bridge stick w/head, (x1) 2 1/4" wood triangle, (x1) 2 1/4" wood 9 ball rack, (x1) Under rail Brush, (x1) 10 1/2" table brush, (x1) 8 cue wall rack, (x12) Pieces of chalk, (x1) Cue repair kit, (x1) 8' table cover, (x1) Rule book

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Pool Cue Racks

pool cue rack, floor cue rack, floor pool cue rack

Floor Racks

We offer a large selection of solid wood floor cue racks and corner cue racks in an assortment of color finishes to match your room's decor.

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cue rack, wall rack, wall cue rack, cue wall rack, pool cue rack

Wall Racks

Save space with a cue wall rack. Also available in an assortment of color finishes to match your room's decor.

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two piece wall rack, two piece cue rack, cue rack, pool cue rack

Two-Piece Wall Racks

We offer two-piece wall racks in a variety of colours and styles.

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Pool Table Covers

pool table cover, naugahyde, naugahyde cover


Protect your billiards table with a Naugahyde Fitted Pool Table Cover.The fitted cover is made of durable naugahyde featuring weighted corners and a tight canvas-like backing to ensure exceptional durability and fit. Prevent spills and dust from damaging your pool table top and keep it in pristine condition when not in use!

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dust cover, pool table cover, pool table dust cover

Dust Cover

Protect your table from dust and spills with a 4 mil thick plastic pool table cover, with reinforced edge seam and weighted corners.

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Miscellaneous Accessories

pool table brush

Pool Table Brushes

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pool triangle, pool table triangle


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cue repair, cue repair kit

Cue Repair Kits

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chalk, cue chalk, pool cue chalk


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chalk holder, pool chalk holder, cue chalk holder

Chalk Holders

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felt cleaner, pool table cleaner, pool table felt cleaner

Felt Cleaner

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ball cleaner, pool ball cleaner

Billiard Ball Cleaner

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cue conditioner, pool cue conditioner

Cue Conditioner

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