Simplicity and Comfort

Corradi sail awnings combine nautical technology with comfort and design

Using quality materials such as stainless steel, anodized aluminum, polyester resin TempotestStar® and Dacron®, materials which are appreciated in the nautical field for its excellent dimensional stability. The low maintenance and excellent resistance to atmospheric conditions, salt water and wear make our sail awnings an original and effective solution in many contexts, both commercial and residential.They can also be completely rolled up in a few seconds thanks to a motorized or manual mechanism.

defense, defense sail awning, sail awning, corradi, retractable sail awning


Defense is a shade system with a surface of 118 or 150 square feet, available with a ground pedestal or with a wall mounted support. In the first case it is possible to rotate the sail 360°, in the second case 90°. Upon request, a motorized Defense can be equipped with an optional wind sensor, allowing the system to automatically close in case of high winds.

intrepid, intrepid sail awning, sail awning, corradi, retractable sail awning


Intrepid is a self-standing shading system with no need for ground anchors supported by four stainless steel poles, two of which support the roller tube, while the other two support the awning.

magical, magical sail awning, sail awning, corradi, retractable sail awning


Magical is a custom-made sail, fit to cover areas up to 540 square feet. It is available with a single (triangle) or double (square or rectangular) sail.