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Filling Your Coast Spa

  • Open the air bleed valve located in the skimmer cavity as this will allow the air to escape from the pumps while filling the spa. NOTE: the valve only needs to be loosened and not completely removed.
  • Fill your Coast Spa with your garden hose. Place the hose in the filter canister and secure the hose in place. Filling through the filter helps to allow most of the trapped air in the pumps and heater to be eliminated.
  • Fill the spa between ½ and ¾ of the way up the skimmer opening.
  • Re-tighten the air bleeder valve in the skimmer cavity (finger tight only) Remove the hose and place filter lid back on canister and tighten in place with the lock ring.

NOTE: Coast Spas recommends you do not fill your spa with hot water. Excessively hot water (over 107 ºF) may cause damage to components in the spa pack as well as all plastic and acrylic components.

NOTE: Do not fill your spa with water from a water softener. If your water is extremely hard your Coast Spas dealer can help you to remedy this problem.

Filling Your Cascade (Infinity Edge) Spa

  • Fill trough until water is half way up the trough.
  • Fill main body until 2” before flow over.
  • Replace filter in housing, place filter lid back on canister and tighten in place with the lock ring.
  • Power up the spa.
  • Start pump # 2, 3, and then start pump # 1.
  • Turn all pumps on and wait for 3 to 5 minutes for pumps to prime.
  • If no water pressure from pump # 1
  • Turn the power off from the main breaker.
  • Loosen pump # 1 inlet union to release air in line and re-tighten.
  • Turn the power back on.
  • If problem persists, repeat the 3 steps above.

All Cascade Series Spas have a specific fill line located in the window (found to the left or right of the equipment area) on the side corner of the spa. This is a clear sight tube that is marked with colored lines. The ball inside the tube indicates the water level. Yellow = 1 person. Green = 2-3 people. Red = 4-6 people.

Draining Your Coast Spa

After a period of 3-4 months, detergent residues from bathing suits and soap film will build up in your spa water. Once this happens, your spa water will appear cloudy and should probably be replaced.

  • Turn power OFF at the breaker.
  • Locate the drain valve (usually in the equipment area).
  • Remove the safety cap and attach garden hose.
  • Drain water to a convenient area. (Spa water may harm grass or plants if sanitizer levels are high.)
  • When water begins to flow out of the hose, open the air relief valve located on filter lid.
  • Your Coast Spa will drain except for a small portion left in the foot well. This can be removed with a sponge and pail.
  • Once empty, clean as required.
  • To finish, remove garden hose and attach safety cap.

IMPORTANT (Cascade Series Only): There will be an additional drain valve. This is connected directly to the tank reservoir and you will see the water level go down on the sight tube in the equipment area.

Winterizing Your Coast Spa

In many areas of the world the temperature may drop below 32°F (0°C). We recommend the spa is always filled with water and running at normal spa temperatures. By doing this you will minimize the risk of freezing within your spa. If it is necessary to leave your spa unattended for long periods of time during cold weather conditions, you should drain your spa to avoid accidental freezing caused by power outages. Your Coast Spas dealer can perform the following winterizing procedures, if you are not completely comfortable with them.

  • Ensure that you have fully drained the spa.
  • After draining, your Coast Spa may still have water remaining in the equipment and plumbing fittings. Disconnect the hand-tightened union fittings going to and from the jet pumps. Be careful not to lose the o-rings between the unions and pump housing.
  • Leave drain valve in the open position and safety cap off.
  • To completely drain the plumbing lines, a wet/dry shop vacuum can be used to draw out any remaining water. Place the vacuum hose over the jet fittings in the spa as well as the plumbing lines in the equipment area. You should also disconnect the plug on the crystal clear inspection tube.
  • Remove the filter cartridge and store in a warm, dry area.
  • Clean the spa shell and place spa cover on spa. Be sure to lock the cover in place in case of high winds or rain.
  • WARNING: The instructions above should be followed accordingly when winterizing your spa however they are guidelines and potential freeze damage may still occur. All freeze damage is the sole responsibility of the spa owner and will not be covered by the warranty should it occur.
  • To finish, remove garden hose and attach safety cap.

EMERGENCY SITUATIONS: To eliminate freezing in the event of equipment failure, use a 100-watt light bulb or small heater via extension cord and place it in the equipment area, keeping it away from plumbing lines. This will help for a short period of time until proper service can be rendered.