4 Tips on How to Create Your Own Backyard Paradise

Life is busy. If you’re not rushing to accomplish the day’s tasks, you’re trying to get from point A to point B in an ever increasing traffic laden world. It’s no wonder stress is one of the number one concerns Canadians have. Going home for many people is winding down, preparing for the second part of our day, rest. What better place to come to than a backyard paradise so you can wind down to power up. It doesn’t take much to provide the solace and tranquility you’re looking for.

Here’s a few tips to get you started

Multi Levels

Start by planning your backyard into levels. For instance, your paved patio can be overlooking the rest of your yard where you can have lower levels for a reading space. Levels help you section off parts of your backyard so you can have several settings to enjoy and little getaways for Mom or Dad.

Plant Natural Boundaries

Plant shrubs or hedges around the perimeter of your property to keep the noise and neighbours out. You’ll have serene greenery to gaze at instead of the neighbours’ yards. Make sure to buy the right kinds of shrubs or hedges to save on future maintenance. You can consult local experts like Langley’s own Cedar Rim Nursery. https://www.cedarrim.com/

Add Fragrant Plants to the Mix

Flowers in bloom are always beautiful to look at. If you can choose plants that release a pleasant fragrance, all the better. Try to plant lavender, peonies, lilac, and honeysuckle in your flower beds. They give off a sweet natural smell, but also fill out your garden with great colours. Visit Darvonda Nurseries for a wide selection of annuals you can plant to give you that mix of pleasant scents in your yard this summer. www.darvondanurseries.com

Purchase Patio Furniture and Accessories

Setting up functional areas are a must when designing your backyard. You want to be able have a sitting, lounging, and eating area if you have the space. Use a patio sectional to divide up your areas and accessorize to add a homey feel. If an extension of your home can’t provide shade, get a robust parasol to give you shelter from that summer sun.

Accessorize Your Summer

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