Game Changing Backyard Trends

2019 is packed with must haves and gimmies, but we wanted to highlight trends that brought the inside…outside. Reconnect to the outdoors this summer with these backyard ideas.

Outdoor Kitchen/Bar

Folks haven’t seen each other since Christmas for a lot families. Where did Spring go? Summer is a slower time for friends and family to meet up. Entertaining all those people can be more than you can host in your dining room. An outdoor kitchen can give you that extra room you need to fit extended family and their plus ones. Long outdoor tables with benches make for great gathering spaces along with a fully equipped outdoor kitchen. You can cook and entertain without anyone missing out on the socializing or the action.

Outdoor Theatre

Shut in movie nights are a thing of the past. Have a stay in night outdoors with an outdoor theatre. Create a white wall surface in your backyard and get a projector. Great for movie night with the kids, entertaining, or just cuddling up on an outdoor couch binging on Netflix. Create that comfy space you want to get that extra time outdoors.

Day Bed

Remember naps? Good news, they’re back! Gone are the days trying to get comfy on a narrow reclining patio chair. You can now get your own double bed outside. Spread out and sink into a whole new level of comfort. Regain those precious day naps on the weekends with this patio essential.

Accessorize Your Summer

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