Water Care

Get the most from your tub or pool with proper care and maintenance.

Water care and spa maintenance will ensure you experience many years of pleasure from your hot tub. At Coast Spas Lifestyles we carry a wide selection of hot tub and pool products to protect your investment for years to come. Don’t know what you need? Come in today for a FREE water test. Our Coast Spas Lifestyles professional water lab is there to provide you with a free computer water analysis. Visit us today for all your pool and hot tub maintenance needs.


Sanitation refers to the control of infectious organisms (bacteria, virus, etc.) and the removal of excess organics (perspiration, urine, body oils). Bromine and Chlorine are the only two sanitizers that are approved by Health Canada for use in hot tubs.


Water Balance

Water balance has four factors: pH, Total Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness, and Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). Water balance affects the safety of your equipment as well as the appearance of the water. pH is the most critical, but the Total Alkalinity and Calcium Hardness levels must also be considered. The TDS level of your spa must remain below 1500ppm to easily maintain your water balance. Visit Coast Spas Lifestyles waterlab to test your TDS level for free.


Test Kit Guidelines

If your Chlorine reading is above 3.0 or your Bromine reading is above 6.0, you may obtain a false result when testing your pH and alkalinity levels. If this is the case, lower Chlorine or Bromine levels. To lower the levels, remove your dispenser and run your jets for 1 hour cycles with the cover off of your hot tub until you reach an ideal Chlorine or Bromine level. Your Chlorine or Bromine level should be at the ideal level before you perform any other tests.
6.5 8.2
Follow instructions for high Chlorine or Bromine as above. Pre-dissolve and add 2 TBSP pH down. Retest in 1 hour.
3.5 7.8
Do not adjust Chlorine or Bromine level. Do not adjust pH level.
2.0 7.6
Ideal only if you have an ozonator in your hot tub. If not add 1 TBSP of shock per 1000L of water. Do not adjust pH level.
1.0 7.2
Check dispenser for tablets and add 1 TBSP of shock per 1000L of water. Do not adjust pH level.
0.5 or clear 6.8
No Bromine or Chlorine! DO NOT USE HOT TUB! Check dispenser for tablets, add 2 TBSP of shock per 1000L of water. Add 5 TBSP of Alkalinity Booster per hour until an ideal level is reached. If alkalinity is already balanced add 1 TBSP of pH Up at a time until an ideal level is reached

Water Maintenance